With over 21 years in business and served over 10 million customers, LegendMicro.com has established itself as one of the nation's largest internet consumer electronics and computer product liquidators. Specializing in overstock, surplus and liquidated computers/computer parts and consumer electronics. LegendMicro.com is committed to providing customers a high level of customer service. We have fully qualified customer service to answer any questions you might have. It is just a toll - free phone call away when you purchase any product from us, Mon-Fri from 10AM to 5PM or you can email us.

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in our company

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We offer you many opportunities to save when you order from us. Our purchasing department always negotiates with our suppliers to get the lowest price and we pass the savings to you. Legend Micro offers only recognized name brand products to our customers. Any particular item may become unexpectedly out of stock, and a substitution of equal or greater value may be offered to you.

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in our company. What does it mean to you? You can buy with confidence from LegendMicro. Business with LegendMicro is extremely easy- Excellent service, low prices, fast shipping!

Warning! Computers and computer circuit boards, as well as other electronic equipment, contain lead, which is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Please wash hands after handling circuit boards and other internal components of computers and electronic equipment, and avoid inhalation of fumes if heating the solder on the internal components or circuit boards.